– Forager of Soul & Soil –

Thanks for being here. I’m Ada, the creator (and forager) behind RAD, “Renew All Designs,” the heart and soul of my unearthed art. I’m also a wife, homeschooling mom, runner, aspiring counselor, lover of God, and people.

There are few things more powerful to me than when brokenness in our world, our experiences, and in ourselves transforms us for good, beauty, and purpose.

My first RAD art collection features original wildcrafted earrings and illustrations that hold the tension of both brokenness and renewed beauty. All of my artwork is designed with a stunning array of fallen leaves and bark, weeds, withered wildflowers, and other barren botanicals that I personally forage. Every piece is carefully pressed, preserved, and positioned. (Check out ‘Shop’ Unearthed Earrings or Illustrations in the drop down menu.)

-my medium-

I’m deeply captivated by curiosity and naturally bent towards hope, even in difficult seasons. That’s why I love RAD’s creative process, taking fragile and perishing foliage and watching it bear witness to new life. My creativity is deeply rooted in experiencing the goodness of God while also experiencing the heartaches of this world, both personally and collectively.

🍂 Created with foraged flora 🍂

May RAD art invite us to unearth and put language to the broken/hidden parts of our stories in need of healing and renewal. Let’s forage the uncharted territories of our heart with kindness and curiosity. It is worthy, sacred, and transformative work…and never without hope. 🌿

Note: not my foraging attire